Enjoy natural, biodynamic and organic wines with sustainable transport


Biodynamic wines are made following the principles created by Rudolf Steiner in 1926, according to which the energy of life has to be used in production, aiming at a close relation between people and the planet.

An important characteristic of biodynamic wine is the specific method used for fertilising the vines. Generally, Demeter certifies biodynamic wine.

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It is difficult to determine whether a wine is natural or not, since every winery has its own approach. Some prioritise a holistic approach; others focus on a lifestyle or on a work philosophy.

In any case, calling a wine or sparkling wine natural implies a very low level or no added sulphites – sulphurous acid. You will find fruit and only fruit in the wine. The main work is carried out in the vineyard, not in the cellar.

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Organic wines are wines that don’t contain certain synthetic chemicals but might contain others, like sulphites.

Usually, they are certified by a local agency, the CCPAE in this case (Catalan Council of Organic Agricultural Production).

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